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A Tribute to Louie, 1934 - 2003 (internet version) .wmv
The following pictures capture a bit of his life:
The cover of the local paper had it right the day of your funeral, "Winning Man"

My father was a good man and lived a happy life.  He was born on August 7th, 1934, and passed away
on October 4th, 2003.  I am very proud of the life that he lead and of the man that he was.  I owe much that I
am as a man to the basic principles I learned from my father.  Dad, we more celebrate your life than mourn
your loss, as you always told us to do.  
I created this short movie in his honor.  To watch, click on the file below:
Louies_Funeral084  Louies_Funeral013
Born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in Northern Indiana
Dads_Louie_Baby_Picture   0002 Summer_1940
Dad_-_Senior_Class_picture  Harold_Abrahamson_-_Art_Wenner_-_Dad
Dated and married Audrey Schanfald of South Bend, Indiana
 Wedding112 Dad-Mom-dressed_up  Dad-Mom-older_shot  Daves_Bar_Mitzvah
Louie loved children....they brought him much joy through the years
Dad-Erica  Dad-Erica_as_an_infant2
Dad-Erica-Mickey_ears  Dad-Michael1
Dads_64thBD-1998-2 Dad and Ryan
Louie loved to cook family dinners.....he really kept the family close
Dad__Mikey  Dad_B-B-Q BBq1
Dad_blowing_out_candles    Dad_Eating
He was a likeable, happy man.  To know him was to love him
Dad_Shir1t  Dad_tuxFamily10
Some pictures from our wedding
Copy_2_of_Tribute_to_Louie_1934-2003_p5 wedding_louie__pammy1
louie_and_audrey louie_and_audrey11
scan00011   scan00022